Despite the aggravated political relations between the member-countries of EEU and the European Union there still is a two-way communication between the Russian and Dutch SME entrepreneurs. Both parties are in an active search of new promising areas of cooperation.

The interest of the Dutch business in collaboration with the countries of EEU is confirmed by foundation of the Dutch companies of the business association «The Business & Knowledge Society» (TBKS), which is targeted at developing trading relations with SME organizations of CIS countries. Our association suggests a unique platform of exchange of knowledge and experience at the level of small and medium businesses.

Russian companies who wish to participate in foreign economic activities often face several difficulties when in process of exporting their products to the EU markets. Those obstacles can be forming an effective marketing strategy, understanding legal regulations, obtaining European certificates and necessary permits, attracting additional financing and consolidating the company's legal presence in Europe. On the other side, Dutch companies need similar support for entering their businesses in the CIS countries, as well as in reliable partners for the implementation of joint investment projects in the territory of the EAEC.

 TBKS was established to overcome all these barriers and assist SMEs in the following areas:

- evaluation of investment projects, search for potential Dutch co-investors;

- Promotion of SMEs' products in the Dutch market;

- Carrying out marketing research with the purpose of developing of the optimum strategy for the

- Legal support;

- Facilitating participation of SME companies in exhibitions and fair events in the Netherlands;

- Involvement of Dutch companies to participate in specialized events for the development of SMEs in the EEA countries;

- production of the products in line with the requirements necessary for export to the Netherlands (certification, permits);

- optimization of taxation and construction of holding structures;

- support in joint projects at all stages of implementation.

Our association has a wide partner network and client base of companies in the Netherlands, including business and industry  representatives, trade unions and public authorities. We regularly participate in business missions of Dutch companies to the EEA countries and help bring companies from the EAGE countries to the Netherlands as well as assist companies in the selection of Dutch partners in various sectors of the economy.